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  1. The flight at a preposterous speed, the flying leap over the hurdle, the subsequent acceleration of his run to a pace altogether beyond human possibility, convinced the young undergraduate, who was level-headed enough, although impressionable, that some other explanation would have to be found for the extraordinary occurrence.
  2. • STRONG ENOUGH TO POP AN EGG adj. said of strong coffee Amer. dial. • STRONG ENOUGH TO RAISE YOUR HAT adj. of coffee: very strong Amer. dial. • STRONG ENOUGH TO TIP YOUR HAT adj. of coffee: very strong Amer. dial. • STRONG ENOUGH TO TOTE DOUBLE adj. said of strong coffee Amer. dial.
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  4. “In a last word of reference to my sister, sir (we are twin children), you ought to know, to her honor, that nothing in our misery ever subdued her, though it often cowed me. When we ran away from it (we ran away four times in six years, to be soon brought back and cruelly punished), the flight was always of her planning and leading.
  5. UNITED STATE BANKRUPTCY COURT. SOUTHERN DISTRICT OF NEW YORK) In re:) Chapter 11) WINDSTREAM HOLDINGS, INC., et al., 1) Case No. (RDD)) Debtors.) (Jointly Administ.
  6. So, too, reading may be slow from the exact opposite of these two reasons. First, when there is a great back-ground of thought suggested by the words, and second, when the reflective and meditative nature of the thought leads to slow action on the part of the mind.
  7. Use this page to search or browse through all of the accessions in the Manchester University Archives and Brethren Historical Collection.

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