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  1. Men Without Hats broke big with their debut, Rhythm of Youth. Though they never maintained that level of success, their third album Pop Goes the World was a smart, well-crafted, woefully underrated offering. The album chronicles the quest for and backlash of fame on songs like the title track, on which Ivan sings "Johnny and Jenny had a crazy dream/See their pictures in a magazine."8/
  2. Aug 08,  · If you're a Men Without Hats fan, then this is a must have. The most popular song is "Pop Goes The World", but it certainly isn't the best. There are a lot of hidden jems like "Moonbeam" and "Walk On Water" that outshine the title track/5(60).
  3. Men Without Hats is a Canadian new wave rock and synthpop group from Montreal, Quebec, Canada that formed in , achieving their most popularity in the 80s. Best known for their international top 40 hits " The Safety Dance " and " Pop Goes The World ", they're characterized by the deep, expressive vocals of their lead singer Ivan and their elaborate use of synthesizers and electronic processing.

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